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Puretan Tanning Beds, Salon Walls and Tanning Services
Puretan is proud to offer the highest level of quality in both our indoor tanning products and our practices. Our tanning beds are what we specialize in. Whether you're in the market for entry level systems like our TanScene line or higher-end systems like our popular Ellipse series, or even a standup unit like the Quantum 851, Puretan has you covered. Trust Puretan to fulfill all of your tanning bed needs and answer all your questions about tanning beds and our superior products.
Tanning Facility Modular Walls
Puretan offers modular solutions that are perfect for anyone starting a tanning salon. While traditional construction can be messy and time-consuming, Puretan wall units for tanning salons can be assembled fast and easy. Our modular walls include indoor tanning tips and are available in a wide variety of solid colors and patterns, including marble and wood grain designs. Puretan’s wall units for tanning salons are built on a T6 aluminum alloy frame for increased durability and strength. Easy assembly, versatility, and a classy look make Puretan modular walls a viable alternative to conventional construction for those starting a tanning salon. Follow our indoor tanning tips for configuring an efficient tanning salon.
- Puretan Modular Walls
- Easy Assembly
- Door Options & Lock Sets
- Standard Privacy Rooms & Colors
- Fixtures and Accessories
- Counters
- Merchandising Walls
Puretan Tanning Beds
The Puretan line of tanning beds is second to none. Our tanning beds set the industry standard for top-quality design and construction. The Puretan tanning beds shown below represent our premium line of tanning systems. Tanning salon owners looking to upgrade their tanning beds and increase their profits should find everything they need right here. The advanced options and technical breakthroughs built into every one of our systems, makes Puretan the best line of tanning beds available today!
- Puretan Bed Skins™
- Puretan Pyramid
- Puretan Ellipse IV
- Puretan Ellipse III
- Puretan Quantum 851
- Puretan Circe 33
- Puretan Impact
- Puretan Solar Flare
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