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Puretan Lamps and Tanning Bed Bulbs

The tanning bed bulbs and tanning bed lamps sold by Puretan have established a reputation within the tanning bed industry for superior performance. Known for producing a bronze glow in a few short sessions, Puretan tanning bed lamps deliver the results that serious tanners expect. We sell 7 different styles of tanning lamps, each uniquely designed to fit your specific needs. From pink phosphors for extra facial intensity to reflector apertures that insure even tanning without striping, the tanning bed lamps at Puretan are simply the best you can buy. To receive more information about Puretan and the tanning bulbs and tanning bed lamps that we offer use the Contact Page to email us your request.

Tanning bed lamps provided by Puretan have established a level of performance within the industry. Known for producing a bronze glow in a few short sessions, Puretan tanning bed lamps deliver the results that users of tanning beds expect.
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Puretan 2.6
The Puretan 2.6 was designed to replace our original 30-minute session lamp introduced by Philips & Cosmedico of Europe. A bronze glow is developed within a few short sessions.
Puretan 2.6 | Lamps
Puretan 2.6
Puretan S+
The Puretan S+ was originally designed to replace the Wolff Bellarium and develop a faster, 20-minute tan. It was found to surpass other lamps due to its quick bronzing color versus a reddening effect. Due to the renowned response of these lamps, puretan was prompted to develop a full line of unsurpassable lamps.
Puretan S+ | Lamps
Puretan S+
Puretan S+ Bi-Pin
The Puretan S+ Bi-Pin is the same as the S+, but offered in a bi-pin design.
Puretan S+ Bi-Pin | Lamps
Puretan S+ Bi-Pin
Spectralarium R+
The Spectralarium R+ is a sophisticated 1,000 milli-amp with full reflective power. It is the same lamp as the S+, but with a built-in nickelized reflector system. The reflector aperture is wider than the original 140 degrees, emitting approximately 20% more power than puretan's S+ lamp. Hence, the lamp delivers incredible tanning power via the famous overlap process.
Spectralarium R+ | Lamps
Spectralarium R+
Puretan VHO/R+
The Puretan VHO/R+ is a unique blend of phosphors with high output capabilities. The lamp is designed with a wider reflector opening, ensuring amplified tanning due to the overlapping output of adjacent lamps. This unique innovation provides the best tan available and is used in conjunction with high-pressure units developed by Puretan.
Puretan VHO/R+ | Lamps
Puretan VHO/R+
Spectralarium SF+
The Spectralarium SF+ was designed along the lines of the VHO/RF+, but in a 1,000 milli-amp configuration. The nickelized reflector, combined with a variance of pink phosphors in the first fourteen inches, boosts the facial area of the lamp to provide an intensified tan. The remaining portion of this lamp was developed with S+ blue phosphors.
Spectralarium SF+ | Lamps
Spectralarium SF+
Puretan VHO/RF+
The puretan VHO/RF+ is a dual-color, partial reflector, low-pressure facial design lamp. Developed for those clients who prefer facial tanning, these lamps replace expensive quartz lamps that require replacement within approximately three hundred hours. These are true 1,600 milli-amp output lamps with a special reflector built into the facial area.
Puretan VHO/RF+ | Lamps
Puretan VHO/RF+
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