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Puretan Tanning Beds

The Puretan line of tanning beds is second to none. Our tanning beds set the industry standard for top-quality design and construction. The Puretan tanning beds shown below represent our premium line of tanning systems. Tanning salon owners looking to upgrade their tanning beds and increase their profits should find everything they need right here. The advanced options and technical breakthroughs built into every one of our systems, makes Puretan the best line of tanning beds available today!

Energy efficient, stylish and reliable, our Puretan line of tanning beds was designed to save you and your salon money. Spend less money on your electric bill each month and attract new and repeat customers with our tanning bed’s sleek lines and cool colors. Stop worrying about the next time your tanning beds need to be repaired or replaced, our Puretan tanning beds are known for their sturdy construction and dependability. Look through the tanning beds we have displayed below and contact us using our Quotes/Info Page to receive any additional information that you might need regarding our Puretan high pressure tanning beds.

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Puretan Bed Skins™
Todays salon owners are looking for new ways to seperate themselves from the competition. Here at Puretan, we’ve come up with a solution to help you. Puretan is proud to announce its patent pending UV protected custom graphic Bed Skins™.

Now YOU can design our beds any way you want them! The design possibilities are endless! It’s easy to give yourself the franchise look without the franchise commitments. The only limitation is your imagination! For more information, please contact your Puretan Account Executive today at 1-800-338-8267!

(Note: Image shown is an artistic rendering and not actual production pieces, and are to show the wide range of possibilities of Bed Skins.)

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Puretan Pyramid
Our unique 52 lamp system emits UV output so intense, a tan from head to toe is achieved in average session times of only 5 to 6 minutes and a maximum exposure of just 8 minutes. This system not only produces a superior tan with fewer lamps than the competition, it does so with a very distinct difference. It tans your legs...and feet too! No tan lines to worry about.

Not only more tan on legs and feet but more on your face too! The Pyramid uses 2 meter (80'') 200 watt, reflector lamps. The longest in the industry. As much as 5'' to 10'' longer than the competitors. This will tan a 6'4'' customer from head to toe like no other system in the industry can.

The Pyramid features illuminated dressing rooms which is standard on the 52 lamp system and an avialable option on the 44. Its amazing brilliance not only enhances any decor it also sells itself. When the Pyramid is in use its eye-catching, illuminated exterior changes hue drawing new customers attention without saying a word. To further compliment any environment, custom colors and images can be applied to any Pyramid.
Puretan Pyramid!

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Puretan Ellipse IV
Some competitors use gimmicks to sell upgrade systems at higher prices-such as featuring 160W lamps and then placing them 8-12 inches below the acrylic (which impairs the tanning power of the lamp) simply because they can't efficiently cool the bed. Some manufacturers even claim to have 180W or 200W lamps (be suspicious of any lamp with a wattage claim over 160W). One manufacturer even throws a disco ball in the canopy-as if that can compensate for an inferior tan, much less sell repeat upgrades.

Note: The Ellipse IV is also available with 4 high-pressure facial casettes.

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Puretan Ellipse III
The Ellipse III is hands-down a top performer. This system continues to compete successfully against high-pressure systems and systems containing more lamps.

Facility owners are ecstatic at the performance of this bed as an upgrade level-- the output design of this system is so concentrated, the results are simply unmatched.

Note: This system is shown with an optional sticker kit. The Ellipse III is also available with 4 high-pressure facial casettes.

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Puretan Quantum 851
This tanning booth has proven to be the best tanning capsule in the industry, worldwide. The 51 VHO/R+ Puretan lamps produce such strong output intensity that puretan found it necessary to incorporate an "air base." This client-cooling base generates 1100 cfm (Cubic Feet per Minute) of airflow, surrounding the client with a gentle breeze while still maintaining maximum tanning intensity. Optional changing room available.

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Puretan Circe 33
The Circe is a high performance entry/mid level system that is aesthetically pleasing and is also economical to operate. And unlike many competing systems, the Circe fills your tanning room and doesn't give your customer the impression they are tanning in an entry level system.

In tests conducted by independent laboratories no other competing system compared to the output power of the Circe.

Note: This system is shown with an optional beauty cover and sticker kit. The Circe 33 is also available with 3 high-pressure facial casettes.
Puretan | Puretan Circe 33

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Puretan Impact
A great, durable entry-level system for any tanning facility. The Impact system delivers efficient tanning power with a 20-minute tanning session that produces a dark base tan for your customers. Unbeatable in its category!

Note: This system is shown with an optional sticker on the base. The Impact is also available with 1 high-pressure facial casette.

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Puretan Solar Flare
This uniquely designed high-pressure booth allows a complete, overall tan in less than 9 minutes! With an output rating of a true 24,000 watts, nothing else in the industry can even compare.

Lamp life and tanning power is extended beyond that of conventional HP systems by incorporating an individual cooling system into each lamp casette.

Built with all steel construction, this HP unit also includes a Client Cooling System that produces more than 2100 cfm (Cubic Feet per Minute) of airflow, promising a cool and relaxing session.
Puretan | Puretan Solar Flare

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